Feb 12 2016

Locally Elected Members approve BREP Variation Application


The Breathe Clean Air Group is extremely disappointed with those Trafford Planning Committee Members who yet again failed in their paramount duty to act to protect our families – this time from the additional pollution and dangers of the variation to Peel’s awful incinerator plans. Whatever their excuses, the passive compliance of some Trafford Councillors …

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Feb 11 2016

LIVE: Trafford Planning Committee – Thursday 11th February 2016

BREP Variation

Feb 07 2016

BCAG Object to the BREP Variation Application

BCAG OBJECTION to 86514/VAR/15, Variation to Barton Renewable Energy Plant Trafford Council unanimously rejected plans to build the Barton Renewable Energy Plant and should also reject this planning variation. We OBJECT to the Variation on the following grounds: PROXIMITY TO NEIGHBOURS The people living along the Broadway area (Davyhulme), the “Wimpey estate” and the proposed …

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Feb 06 2016

Object to the Davyhulme Incinerator Variation Planning Application


Trafford Council is to decide if it will allow the variation planning application for the Davyhulme Incinerator. We need to STOP this application! You can formally object to the Variation Planning Application by completing the following details and adding your own reasons for objecting. If you wish to view the planning application documents, visit: http://planningdocs.trafford.gov.uk/pamsearch/planning_application_search_pam.jsp?APPLICATION_NUMBER=%3Cxsl:value-of%20select=86514/VAR/15  MAKE SURE THAT YOU …

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